Ryan Beck

New Vaccine Page

March 16, 2021

I forgot to post here about it, but a few weeks ago I turned my vaccine spreadsheet into a webpage on my site. You can check it out at the link below, it should be easier to navigate than the spreadsheet, especially on mobile.


I’m pretty proud of how it works, it looks simple enough but behind the scenes it’s populating the webpage tables with the values grabbed from the google spreadsheet. It took some effort and muddling through a bunch of Javascript (thanks StackOverflow!) to get it working, but now that it’s done it works pretty slick. It was one of those projects where it would have been a lot easier to just manually update the HTML every time I wanted to update the table, but I’m a fan of automation for the sake of automation so now I only have to update the values in one place.

Anyway, for anyone who happens to see this post I hope you find my vaccine information useful and I hope you’re able to get vaccinated soon. Should be available for everyone within a couple months!